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IOS Closed Ecosystem

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One thing I hated about the iPhone was the closed ecosystem where all apps really had to go through the appstore, and that could only be fixed via Jailbreaking. It is insane, and it always seemed to me that Apple wanted to maintain strict control of what people can do with their own devices.

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Re: IOS Closed Ecosystem

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That's very true.

I used checkra1n on my phone but then my laptop died and I 'accidentally' rebooted my phone.

I have another computer but it doesn't support USB booting without major modifications to the BIOS.

Since checkra1n is semi-tethered, it was gone.

But then again, the play store did put malware on 500'000 devices

Oh, and also there were apps like Tweakbox and AppValley which had tweaked apps without Jailbreak

Cydia was better though, since you could add 'app repositories', but your phone needed to be jailbroken to have Cydia.

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