Worf's Site

Worf’s Mail Server

I run a public mail server for anyone who wants to use it. It’s powered completely by free as in freedom software.

Thank you for using this service. It’s provided for your enjoyment/freedom by Worf.

Terms of Service

First and foremost do not use this service for anything that can get me in trouble.

Do not use this service for anything that may damage the service or other services I run.

Securing your account is a responsibility of your own. I am not responsible if your account somehow gets broken into.

The only other restriction covered by those is no use if this service may be used to distribute cheese pizza.

More info

E-mails on this server end with @broadcastre.cc.

You can request an e-mail by e-mailing me on contact@broadcastreREMOVETHIS.cc. There are no specific requirements or prerequisites for an account as long as you abide by the Rules above.

Client Configuration

Login username of SMTP/POP3/IMAP services must be the full e-mail address

Hostname for everything is mail.broadcastre.cc

POP3: port 110 with STARTTLS, or port 995 with SSL.
IMAP: port 143 with STARTTLS, or port 993 with SSL.
SMTP: port 587 with STARTTLS, or port 465 with SSL.

Webmail links are available on the links page.